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FACT CHECK: New York’s Looming Natural Gas Crisis

CLAIM: In a recent opinion piece, the Public Accountability Initiative’s Robert Galbraith claimed that National Fuel’s Northern Access Pipeline “won’t bring energy security” and that the GAIN Coalition is just a bunch of “oil and gas lobbying groups.”



Mr. Galbraith claims that the “Northern Access Pipeline cannot remotely be considered an essential infrastructure project for New York’s energy security.” Perhaps Mr. Galbraith needs to be reminded that New York is currently facing a growing natural gas shortage due to insufficient pipeline infrastructure.

In January, utility giant Consolidated Edison announced that beginning mid-March it will “no …

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FACT CHECK: Energy Production Not Impacted By Pipeline Protests

CLAIM: Environmental activists claim that their actions to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline have been successful in reducing Canadian oil production.


While production cuts have been imposed, they are already proving to be short-lived as more oil begins making its way market via railroad.


Oil prices in Canada plunged last fall due to a burgeoning supply glut resulting in large part from a chronic shortage in available pipeline capacity. In response, Alberta—Canada’s largest oil-producing province—imposed a temporary 8.7 percent production cut in order to clear the backlog of oil waiting to be shipped to market. The …

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