HYPOCRISY WATCH: Emma Thompson Flies A Long Way To Save The Environment

It’s enough that actress Emma Thompson joined environmental extremists last week who sought to shut down London’s Heathrow Airport to disrupt holiday travel plans at one of the world’s busiest airports.

It’s quite another that she felt entitled to flex her big carbon footprint to fly to London from Los Angeles to protest … checking our notes … people flying too much. She flew in for the protest even though event organizers believe airplanes should “only be used for emergencies.”

Thompson is the same person who wrote last year, “To avoid catastrophic climate change that will affect every one of us, we can only afford to burn one quarter of all the coal, oil and gas that has already been found. We cannot search for any more. It has to stay in the ground.

That is to say that searching for fossil fuels of any kind, anywhere else is a complete waste of time and money, as we will not be able to burn them without wrecking the planet.”

Does she really want us to keep fossil fuels “in the ground” if she’s taking non-emergency transatlantic flights? In the same piece, she also said we have to “share cars, showers, pets.”

In short, Emma Thompson can fly 5,400 miles to London unnecessarily for a protest, but the rest of us have to take communal showers and share our pets with the neighbors.