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Case Study: North Dakota’s 13-Month Review of the Dakota Access Pipeline

As we’ve highlighted previously , the Dakota Access Pipeline underwent a rigorous multi-agency permitting process prior to being built.

Before beginning construction, Dakota Access was required to obtain permits from regulatory agencies in each of the states that it traversed. These reviews, which were independent of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ own detailed analysis, involved extensive outreach of landowners, state agencies, local governments, public interest groups, tribes, and various other stakeholders.

In North Dakota, this process was led by the North Dakota Public Service Commission (NDPSC), an elected three-person state board responsible for regulating electric and natural gas utilities, …

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FACT CHECK: Are Law Enforcement Officials Conducting Illegal Surveillance of Activists?

CLAIM: Environmental activists and the ACLU say it is “creepy,” “concerning” and potentially illegal for law enforcement bodies to monitor extremists and to share information about planned protests at pipeline construction projects with other officials. The sharing of such information was first reported by The Guardian.




First, let’s address the “illegal” claim floated by the ACLU in Oregon:

The Oregon ACLU told OPB that the surveillance might violate Oregon’s laws that protect individuals from the type of monitoring the sheriff’s office has initiated.

“This isn’t just about local law enforcement acting all on their own,

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