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FACT CHECK: Texas Legislation Protects Critical Infrastructure, Doesn’t Allow Arrest For Mere Demonstration

CLAIM: The Texas Observer suggests that a bill before the state legislature designed to protect critical infrastructure projects would “chill civil disobedience” and allow authorities to arrest people for “simply demonstrating with signs at oil and gas sites, since their protest and presence could be construed as impeding operations.”



Texas House Bill 3557 is clear in its language:

A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person intentionally or knowingly: (1) damages, destroys, vandalizes, defaces, or tampers with a critical infrastructure facility; or (2) impedes, inhibits, or otherwise interferes with …

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Media Silent As Union Leader Calls for Friel Otten’s Resignation

A local union leader is calling on Pennsylvania state Rep. Danielle Friel Otten to resign after she likened union members working on the Mariner East pipeline to Nazis. The freshman lawmaker made the alarming comparison in a tweet following her participation in a weekend protest that briefly halted construction on a section of the project.

“Not only did she break the law on Saturday by blocking a road with her cronies, she also put the men and women who were working on the project in harms way. But that is not what has angered me to the point of calling …

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