Anti-Pipeline Groups Butt Heads in Louisiana

CLAIM: Cherri Foytlin, a member of the anti-pipeline encampment known as the L’eau Est La Vie Camp, called fellow activist and head of the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Dean Wilson a white supremacist.

RATING: 50% True, Foytlin did associate Wilson with white supremacy in a Jan. 16 Facebook post, but did not provide any evidence to support her accusation.


Tensions between two groups opposing the Bayou Bridge Pipeline boiled over Wednesday when L’eau Est La Vie Camp member Cherri Foytlin unloaded on Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Executive Director Dean Wilson. In a strongly-worded Facebook post, Foytlin called Wilson a …

FACT CHECK: Oil Transported by Bayou Bridge Pipeline Will Go to China

CLAIM: The Guardian published an article claiming that crude oil transported by the Bayou Bridge Pipeline “will be shipped primarily to China.”

RATING: False 

The claim is not only unsubstantiated, it is also inaccurate based on information available about the pipeline. 


The soon-to-be-completed 176-mile Bayou Bridge Pipeline will transport up to 480,000 barrels per day of crude oil from storage facilities in Lake Charles, Louisiana to St. James, Louisiana, where it will then be distributed to refineries along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast.

During the refining process, crude oil transported by the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will be transformed into …

Greenpeace Ignores Line 3 Facts

CLAIM: Greenpeace claimed in a tweet that the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement project “would endanger Indigenous rights & our climate.”


While a section of the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement pipeline does cross the Fond du Lac Band Reservation in northern Minnesota, it does not “endanger indigenous rights” as Greenpeace suggests.

Following consultations with Enbridge, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa agreed to allow the new Line 3 crude oil pipeline to cross its reservation along the route of the existing Line 3. In a Facebook post, Devin Dupuis, Chairman of the Fond du …

CLAIM: Mountain Valley Pipeline Developer Admits Project May Never Be Completed

CLAIM: The Sierra Club claimed in a Dec. 17 press release that EQM Midstream, the lead developer of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, had “raised the possibility that the project would not be completed “at all.””

RATING: Quote Taken Out of Context, 70% False

In a quarterly financial report filed in October with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, EQM Midstream provided investors with an update on the regulatory and judicial challenges affecting the company’s pipeline projects, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

“The regulatory approval process for the construction of new midstream assets is challenging, and recent decisions by regulatory …

Is the DeSmogBlog a source for fact-based reporting?

CLAIM: The DeSmogBlog claims to be a “source for accurate, fact based information.”

RATING: 50% False

While the DeSmogBlog may claim to be “clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science,” the reality is the blog itself is the product of a for-profit public relations firm seeking for further their client’s interests.

Created in 2006, the DeSmogBlog is a project of James Hoggan & Associates, a Vancouver-based strategic communications firm whose clients include Alcoa and BC Hydro. The firm has used the blog to promote favorable narratives about its clients, including a post applauding Alcoa’s participation in a coalition …

CLAIM: Anti-Bayou Bridge Pipeline Protest Camp Is A Local, Grassroots Movement

An Oct. 16 Teen Vogue article claimed that the anti-Bayou Bridge Pipeline protest encampment known as the L’eau Est La Vie camp is “a grassroots group taking dynamic action to stop the pipeline.”

RATING: 80% False

While some of the opposition pipeline project is genuine, including concerns expressed by landowners, the protest encampment has solicited and received at least $33,000 from national activist-driven philanthropic foundations and environmental organizations.

At the heart of the protest is the L’eau Est La Vie Camp, a self-described “floating pipeline resistance camp” that has employed direct action tactics to disrupt the construction of a …

CLAIM: #NoDAPL Protesters Shoulder Financial Burden

A new case study out of the University of Colorado Boulder’s First Peoples Investment Engagement Program makes a number of claims about the costs associated with the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Among them is the assertion that the activists who partook in the movement suffered a significant financial burden.

“Water protectors, as protesters at the camp were known, came from all over the United States and around the world to express their support. … Each of these individuals incurred costs including, but not limited to, travel expenses, food and supplies, and time spent away from work and other …

CLAIM: Bayou Bridge Pipeline protesters leave trash in the Atchafalaya Basin

In late October 2018 the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office claimed that protesters with the L’eau Est La Vie Camp had left behind a large amount of trash in the sensitive wetland area, including chemicals, human waste, and personal belongings. “Unfortunately, the trash this group left behind and being washed into the water; posed a real threat to wildlife, fish, and boaters,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

RATING: 100% True

Since July 2018, environmental activists protesting the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline have been camping in the Atchafalaya Basin area of St. Martin Parish in …

CLAIM: Dakota Access Pipeline Is Unnecessary, Will Lead to Financial Loss

A 2016 study produced by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Sightline Institute concluded that the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was an unnecessary investment and ran the risk of becoming a “stranded asset.”

RATING: 100% False

The November 2016 report stated that, “Bakken oil production will continue to decline, and existing pipeline and refinery capacity in the Bakken will be more than adequate to handle the region’s oil production. Fast forward two years and these dire predictions have proven to be the exact opposite of what’s currently going on in one of the country’s most resilient …

Claim: Did police set fire to anti-pipeline protest camp in North Dakota?

Rating: 100% False

Background: On February 1, 2017, the Alternative Media Syndicate published a photograph of burning tents alongside a headline claiming that police had raided an anti-pipeline protest camp, dismantling tipis and burning what remains. The image cited in the article is a screen from the HBO film Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (a historical drama about Native Americans) as evidence.

What really happened? Law enforcement arrested 76 protesters Wednesday afternoon after they attempted to create a new campsite on private property. According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, officers entered the camp after protesters failed to …