Hypocrisy Watch: Sen. Whitehouse Attacks Energy Companies Months After Constituents Left Out in Cold

The State of Rhode Island is suing 21 oil and gas producers in an attempt to force these companies to pay for road and bridge repairs caused by extreme weather.

On Twitter, the state’s junior senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, signaled support for the lawsuit, writing that the companies “aided and abetted the ‘beclouding’ of the science.”

His attack against energy producers comes during the same year Rhode Island was forced to declare a state of emergency and evacuate thousands of residents due to a shortage of natural gas during a cold snap. On January 22, Governor Gina Raimondo stated, …

HYPOCRISY WATCH: Saving the Environment One Private Jet at a Time

“We must set an example now and move environmentalist from being the philosophy of a passionate minority … to a way of life that automatically integrates ecology into governmental policy and normal living standards.” – Google Camp attendee Leonardo DiCaprio.

Recently, high-profile celebrities descended to Italy for this year’s private Google event on the environment.  As we have seen before, the world’s elite are traveling in style – on private planes. Lots of them:

Their three-day summer camp will cost the tech giant some $20 million, sources said.

Many of the guests, including Obama and DiCaprio —

HYPOCRISY WATCH: Great Moments in Environmentalism

Electric vehicles are great, and we strongly support anyone who wants to buy one. But …

This diesel generator-powered station was spotted in Australia – and it is little different than the charging stations here in the United States that are powered by natural gas.

According to General Motors, the annual energy use of a Chevy Volt is an estimated 2,520 kilowatt-hours a year. That compares to about 340 kilowatt-hours for a television, 657 for a refrigerator and roughly 3,000 for an air conditioner.…

HYPOCRISY WATCH: Politician’s Investments Don’t Match Anti-Pipeline Rhetoric

A news report in Massachusetts is shining a bright light on state lawmakers who strongly support anti-pipeline policies that would make energy delivery more expensive, less safe and less reliable – all the while profiting from those companies they purport to oppose.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette examined the financial disclosures of their local state lawmakers and found that staunch opponents to pipelines had invested in energy infrastructure companies.

For example, Sen. Jo Comerford, a “staunch opponent of fossil fuel pipeline projects,” owns stock in Kinder Morgan Inc. and Energy Transfer Partners, despite saying on her website, ““I’ll fight for … …

Hypocrisy Watch: Sen. Sanders, Gov. Inslee Call for Line 5 Shutdown

In his campaign literature, Sen. Bernie Sanders talks a lot about the need for affordable energy sources – something we can all get behind as we work to keep energy bills low for hard-working American families.

That’s why it is curious that Sen. Sanders joined Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in calling for the shutdown of the Line 5 pipeline, a source of affordable energy that benefits the Great Lakes region and Canada.

Case Study: Tribal Outreach Key Part of Corps’ Exhaustive Review of DAPL

By nearly all accounts, the Army Corps of Engineers’ review and subsequent approvals of permits related to the Dakota Access Pipeline was thorough.  In many cases, the Corps went above and beyond what was required by the law.  GAIN Fact Checker is starting a new series looking into the decisions that led to the approval of, construction of, and subsequent safe operation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  In this post, we look at the Army Corps of Engineers and its focus on tribal outreach.

As we’ve discussed before, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers engaged in a multi-year scientific analysis …

The Cost of Pipeline Protests: North Dakota Sues Federal Government

North Dakota filed a $38 million federal lawsuit to recover costs of providing security and cleaning up after environmental extremists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Associated Press reports. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed the suit after an administrative order from last month went ignored:

“When the protesters finally left, they left behind a spoiled environment and a vast quantity of dangerous waste, garbage and debris that had to be cleaned up by the state at considerable cost,” Stenehjem told reporters.

As we have noted previously, protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline caused significant damage. There is a clear …

Former Obama Official: Keep it in the Ground Approach “Not a Good Way to Go”

David Hayes, the former No. 2 Interior Department official under President Obama told members of Congress last week that ‘Keep it in the Ground’ policies that seek an immediate end to oil and gas development are “not a good way to go.”

Mr. Hayes, in response to a question from House Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee Chairman Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) on the feasibility of the ‘Keep it in the Ground’ approach, said:

“I believe that’s not a good way to go. The reality is that we have a lot of infrastructure on our public lands to produce

FACT CHECK: Natural Gas Not A ‘Fake Solution’ to Climate Challenge

Congressman Jared Huffman elected to ignore some key facts regarding the role of natural gas in achieving tangible emissions reductions while also meeting the world’s increasing demand for energy. The California Democrat attacked this important energy resource last week during a hearing held by the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

Here’s a look at the facts:

HUFFMAN: “And I’m not talking about natural gas because as I take a look at that, I don’t think we have time for fake solutions and quite honestly if you — yes, it has less of a carbon profile and the burning …

FACT CHECK: Are Mountain Valley Pipeline Protesters “Peaceful”?

CLAIM: Media reports out of Virginia claim that extremists protesting the Mountain Valley Pipeline “are peacefully protesting the pipeline,” with one activist saying they are non-violent and respect state police.




Developments quickly overtook the narrative, and that story needed to be updated:

A Giles County man was charged with assaulting a Mountain Valley Pipeline worker during a protest at a construction site Monday. … Jammie Hale, 46, was charged with assaulting a Mountain Valley employee, a misdemeanor. He was later released on a $2,500 bond.

Another was arrested for locking himself to concrete …