FACT CHECK: Seeking Alpha Contributor Falsely Alleges DAPL Operating Without Permit

CLAIM: The Dakota Access Pipeline has “operated for three years without a permit.”



As Energy Transfer, the operator of Dakota Access, recently pointed out:

DAPL is safely operating with its permits in each state. Current litigation is in regards to an Army Corps of Engineers’ land easement at Lake Oahe in North Dakota, not a permit.

Multiple articles by Seeking Alpha contributor, Long Player, have incorrectly stated that the Dakota Access Pipeline has been operating without a permit. He also falsely says that operating with a “voided permit” is causing the pipeline to incur “extra costs”. He continues to peddle this false narrative in the comment section below his articles, despite commenters pointing out his inaccurate information.

For more than three years, the Dakota Access Pipeline has safely carried up to 570,000 bpd from the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota to the Patoka Oil Terminal in southern Illinois. The pipeline created thousands of jobs during its construction and has been paying millions in tax revenue each year to the states along its route. It is a critical component of our nation’s energy infrastructure network, having reduced the number of trucks and train cars needed to transport North Dakota crude and strengthened U.S. energy security in the process.

While the project continues to face legal challenges from anti-energy activists, it is paramount that we stick to the facts.