What Candidates Are Saying

Former Congressman Joe Walsh


Question: Are you worried about cybersecurity infrastructure?



Senator Cory Booker


Question: Cybersecurity is a real threat. What would you do to ensure that our energy infrastructure could sustain an attack? How do you prevent that?



Former Maryland Rep John Delaney


Question: Beto O’Rourke has released a $5 trillion plan over 10 years to counter climate change in order to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. He claims civilization basically only has 10 years left to address climate change. What do you say to that?



Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld


Question: Even politics has entered the energy discussion… You look at New Hampshire and we have some of the highest electricity costs in the country – energy is expensive here. How do we lower costs and do we have to look more at things like natural gas and other alternatives?



Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)


Question: If you were elected president, or talking to New Hampshire officials, how can New Hampshire protect New Hampshire’s critical infrastructure and what does America as a whole need to do to advance energy infrastructure development and ensure grid reliability?



Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Question: How would you, if you were President, prioritize using American energy products rather than importing fuel from other countries?