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Sens. Warren, Markey Proposal Banning Natural Gas Infrastructure Projects

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Ed Markey have introduced legislation that would ban infrastructure that is used to export liquified natural gas – the latest policy proposal that would limit American energy development and our nation’s ability to provide reliable, affordable energy to allies around the globe.

The Washington Examiner reports on the bill:

The legislation would bar the construction of natural gas compressor stations that facilitate gas exports.

Warren has been among the most aggressive presidential candidates in vowing to wean the U.S. off fossil fuels. She has pledged to end fracking for natural gas to

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FACT CHECK: Truthout Falsely Reports DAPL Leaked Toxins Into Standing Rock Water Supply Five Times Within First Six Months Of Operation

An op-ed recently published in Truthout demonstrates how environmental activists sometimes play fast and loose with the truth when making their case against pipelines. Author Violet Glaser includes this inaccurate sentence in her opinion piece:

The Dakota Access Pipeline leaked toxins into the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux five times within the first six months of its construction. 



There’s a lot to unpack in those 25 words:

  • The five leaks were considered minor by federal and state regulators and occurred within the pipeline easement at valve sites or pump stations.
  • None of the five
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