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HYPOCRISY WATCH: Governor Cuomo Accuses Utility of Mishandling Gas Supply – After Denying Permits That Would Increase Gas Supply

On the coldest day of the season yet, Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday laid the blame for limited natural gas supplies in southern New York at the feet of utility companies – even though his administration has refused to approve permits for a pipeline project that would provide enough energy to fuel about 2.3 million homes in the region.

First, let’s look at the timeline around the governor’s handling of the Williams Pipeline:

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Protesters Block Delivery of Pipeline in Washington State

From Louisiana to Ohio, Pennsylvania to Texas, anti-pipeline protesters continue to oppose the construction of much-needed energy infrastructure. Last week, protesters at the Port of Vancouver in Washington state prevented the unloading and delivery of pipeline that will be used in the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The Associated Press reported:

(At) least five people climbed up and chained themselves on the dock where the shipment is to be loaded off of.

Other “kayaktivists” were in the surrounding water, rallying behind the climbers to stop this project they say “is jeopardizing a livable future for everyone on this

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