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FACT CHECK: Are Law Enforcement Officials Conducting Illegal Surveillance of Activists?

CLAIM: Environmental activists and the ACLU say it is “creepy,” “concerning” and potentially illegal for law enforcement bodies to monitor extremists and to share information about planned protests at pipeline construction projects with other officials. The sharing of such information was first reported by The Guardian.




First, let’s address the “illegal” claim floated by the ACLU in Oregon:

The Oregon ACLU told OPB that the surveillance might violate Oregon’s laws that protect individuals from the type of monitoring the sheriff’s office has initiated.

“This isn’t just about local law enforcement acting all on their own,

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FACT CHECK: How Renewable is Renewable Energy?

CLAIM: Many Democratic Presidential candidates have put forward policy positions that would have devastating impacts for our nation’s energy industry.  That includes labeling the energy industry a “criminal enterprise,” as well as some candidates calling for a “total moratorium” on fossil fuel leases on public lands.

Some examples:

“[Bernie] believes we should keep fossil fuels in the ground and instead use renewable energy and sustainable energy while improving energy efficiency.” – Bernie Sanders campaign website.

“I’m proud to be an original supporter of the Green New Deal… I support returning to the Paris Agreement and …

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