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FACT CHECK: Would a Fracking Ban Hurt Democrats in Pennsylvania?

CLAIM: The New York Times recently reported two Pennsylvania Democrats, John Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor, and Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh, agree “a pledge to ban all hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, could jeopardize any presidential candidate’s chances of winning this most critical of battleground states — and thus the presidency itself. So as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren woo young environmental voters with a national fracking ban, these two Democrats are uneasy.”

Is the concern from Fetterman and Peduto warranted? Would a fracking ban have significant economic impact on the state of Pennsylvania – potentially …

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FACT CHECK: Activists Committed to Blocking Texas LNG Projects, Claim FERC Did Not Fully Consider Impact

CLAIM: After federal regulators declined to reconsider permits allowing three major natural gas projects to go forward in Texas at the Port of Brownsville, environmental activists say they plan to file a lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Opponents argue that FERC commissioners did not take the combined pollution, noise and other impacts of the projects on neighboring communities and endangered species such as the ocelot, jaguarundi and aplomado falcon.

“These projects would disproportionately impact our already-marginalized Latino community, subject us to increased air pollution, and threaten our local tourism economy,” Sierra Club Brownsville organizer Rebekah Hinojosa said

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