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Environmental Banning Movement Claims Another Victim: Good Food

Straws. “Single-use” bags. Fracking. Kids’ fast food meal toys. Water bottles. Environmentalists’ rush to ban things that improve people’s lives is about to claim a new victim – good-tasting food.

Bloomberg reports that Berkeley, California’s ban on using natural gas in new homes or businesses has chefs and restauranteurs raising the alarm that food is about to taste a lot worse:

The California Restaurant Association is warning that the flame-seared meat and charred vegetables that foodies have grown so accustomed to ordering will become a thing of the past in Berkeley, California, which in July became the first city in

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FACT CHECK: Is Line 3 Being Expanded Into Duluth?

CLAIM: An activist group held a news conference to announce that the final segment of the Line 3 pipeline will be built in Duluth, Minnesota – attracting media attention from at least one television station.






A state senator from Minnesota sums up the issue in an oped in Town Hall:

An activist group called the “Yes Men” developed an elaborate plan about the fictitious development of a pipeline in Duluth. The goal of this stunt was to try and create fear about pipelines and prevent the construction of a major pipeline that is

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