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FACT CHECK: Gas Moratoriums Will Increase Reliance on Fuel Oil

The New York City Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection held a hearing Monday to consider a resolution opposing the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project. While pipeline foes used the hearing to spread more misinformation, Jainey Bavishi—the director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency—stuck to the facts.

Bavishi, who previously served on the White House Council on Environmental Quality during the Obama administration, emphasized the city’s reliance on clean natural gas and explained the ramifications of potential moratoriums on new gas connections due to limited supply.

Here’s a look at what she had to say …

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FACT CHECK: Pipeline Bills Aren’t Aimed At Stopping Dissent

CLAIM: Anti-pipeline activist Michele Naar-Obed, who was arrested for attempting to damage a Minnesota pipeline, claims that “Since 2016, about three dozen states across the country have considered bills and executive orders explicitly designed to stop dissent against the fossil fuel industry.”



As we have previously noted, the legislation signed in South Dakota and being considered in other states is not “designed to stop dissent.” Rather, the legislation is designed to discourage activists like Naar-Obed and those who bring a more destructive or violent approach to their protests of critical infrastructure projects.

The bills do …

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