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Extremists Fundraising to Support Illegal Activity at Pipeline Construction Sites

Extremist group Appalachians Against Pipelines is fundraising to support continued dangerous and illegal activities at pipeline construction sites, based on a man illegally chaining himself to equipment working on the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Such extreme protest tactics can risk damaging heavy machinery, in turn posing a risk to workers in addition to protesters themselves.

This is precisely the type of dangerous activity that prompted states across the country to enact legislation to increase penalties for illegal acts – including violent acts, tampering and trespassing like at the Mountain Valley Pipeline project.  These are not first amendment protests; they put workers …

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FACT CHECK: Extremists Claim Trans Mountain Pipeline Bad for Environment

CLAIM: Canada’s federal government approved the “twinning” of the Trans Mountain pipeline to support an efficient exporting of oil, leading environmental extremists to claim the decision demonstrates the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy because his government declared a climate emergency the day before. “This is like declaring war on cancer and then announcing a campaign to promote smoking,” the Rainforest Action Network said.



The Trans Mountain pipeline is desperately needed because the region must rely on oil trains due to pipeline capacity issues. Contrary to what activists claim, the Trans Mountain pipeline will reduce the need …

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