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Natural Gas Benefits Everyone – Including Anti-Fracking Candidate Elizabeth Warren

GAIN has previously pointed out the significant economic and environmental benefits of natural gas. Increased use of natural gas has played a key role in lowering U.S. carbon emissions from the power sector. Natural gas is cleaner-burning than coal, and is domestically available in shale formations from the Permian in Texas to the Marcellus in Pennsylvania.  The natural gas and oil industry supports more than 10 million jobs each year. Furthermore, oil and gas leases alone generated $1.1 billion of revenue for states in 2018. The benefits go on and on.

Natural gas also provides royalties to mineral owners.

While …

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As Nation Achieves Energy Independence, Sen. Sanders Proposes Banning Fracking, Exporting Oil

Senator Bernie Sanders – seeking the Democratic nomination for president – in recent days has introduced legislation that would ban fracking and has reportedly drafted an executive order to ban oil exports when he becomes president.

As we have noted previously, such proposals are short-sighted to American economic and geopolitical security. Energy exports are major job drivers at home, bolster the global energy market, and protect national security, especially in light of unrest and unpredictability in the Middle East.

Just as a Democrat has cautioned Senator Sanders not to oppose a pipeline in Minnesota, they are warning him about …

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