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FACT CHECK: Does State Legislation Infringe On Free Speech?


EcoWatch reports on legislation approved in Kentucky, South Dakota and West Virginia  designed to protect critical infrastructure projects and the workers who build them:

“While we are all paying attention to COVID-19 and the congressional stimulus packages, state legislatures are quietly passing fossil-fuel-backed anti-protest laws,” Greenpeace USA researcher Connor Gibson, who alerted HuffPost to the laws’ passage, told the news site. “These laws do nothing new to protect communities. Instead they seek to crack down on the sort of nonviolent civil disobedience that has shaped much of our nation’s greatest political and social victories.”




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FACT CHECK: Are pipelines “dangerous” with “no clear benefits?”

CLAIM: The Roanoke Times recently published an opinion column alleging that pipelines are dangerous – specifically the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley natural gas pipelines that are currently under construction. The column also alleges these “dangerous projects” have “no clear benefits.”



Like almost any process, transporting energy involves some level of risk. However, pipelines have played a key role in mitigating such risk. They have been determined to be the safest, most efficient, and most environmentally-conscious method of delivering the natural gas and oil that millions of Americans rely on each and every day.

When comparing …

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