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FACT CHECK: Did the Dakota Access Pipeline spill 580,000 gallons of oil?

FACT CHECK: Did the Dakota Access Pipeline spill 580,000 gallons of oil?

CLAIM: A recent op-ed by Austin Graham in the San Marcos Record in opposition to the use of oil and pipeline development alleges:

The Dakota Access Pipeline has spilled 580,000 gallons of oil into the sacred land of the Standing Rock Sioux people. They protested knowing this would happen and were shot with rubber bullets, forcefully sprayed with water hoses and pepper sprayed, but anything for short term economic gain, right?



This opinion piece is a strong reminder that environmental activists often ignore the …

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HYPOCRISY WATCH: Activists Gather in Cars, Fueled by Gasoline, to Protest Mariner East Pipeline

As reported by Southeast Pennsylvania paper the Daily Local, more than two dozen local anti – pipeline activists, organized by the ‘Mama Bear Brigade’ and Food & Water Watch – Pennsylvania, gathered in their cars to abide by social distancing recommendations while protesting Mariner East construction deemed life sustaining by Governor Tom Wolf.

Specifically, one protestor claimed “Mariner East is the exact opposite of life-sustaining and Gov. Wolf needs to rescind the waivers.”

Pipeline activists in Pennsylvania have long refused to acknowledge the value and importance of the Mariner East pipeline system to the Commonwealth. Further, opponents fail to …

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