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FACT CHECK: Texas Legislation Protects Infrastructure, Workers

CLAIM: The Society of Native Nations claims that legislation designed to protect critical infrastructure projects and workers is a “fear tactic” that “protect(s) the dirty fossil fuel industry.”



As with other laws and legislation across the country, the bill passed this week by the legislature in Texas – and expected to be signed into law – is clear in its language and those behaviors it seeks to discourage:

DAMAGING OR DESTROYING CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITY.  (a)  A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person enters or remains on or in

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FACT CHECK: ACLU of South Dakota Wants to Sue Law Enforcement Official Over Riot Boosting Law

CLAIM: The ACLU of South Dakota claims it should be able to sue law enforcement officials over a new riot boosting law that is designed to protect critical infrastructure projects and those who work on them. The ACLU claims the Pennington County sheriff can be sued because he has “discretion in whether and how to enforce the challenged laws, and the vagueness of the challenged laws requires (the sheriff) to exercise discretion and make choices in enforcing the law. Each time (the sheriff) makes a choice about the laws’ meaning, as the highest official in the county for that action, …

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