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Case Study: Tribal Outreach Key Part of Corps’ Exhaustive Review of DAPL

By nearly all accounts, the Army Corps of Engineers’ review and subsequent approvals of permits related to the Dakota Access Pipeline was thorough.  In many cases, the Corps went above and beyond what was required by the law.  GAIN Fact Checker is starting a new series looking into the decisions that led to the approval of, construction of, and subsequent safe operation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  In this post, we look at the Army Corps of Engineers and its focus on tribal outreach.

As we’ve discussed before, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers engaged in a multi-year scientific analysis …

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The Cost of Pipeline Protests: North Dakota Sues Federal Government

North Dakota filed a $38 million federal lawsuit to recover costs of providing security and cleaning up after environmental extremists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Associated Press reports. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed the suit after an administrative order from last month went ignored:

“When the protesters finally left, they left behind a spoiled environment and a vast quantity of dangerous waste, garbage and debris that had to be cleaned up by the state at considerable cost,” Stenehjem told reporters.

As we have noted previously, protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline caused significant damage. There is a clear …

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