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FACT CHECK: Is Energy Infrastructure “Barreling Toward Obsolescence?”


A recent letter to the editor published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch celebrating the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and calling for the same fate for the Mountain Valley Pipeline writes:

The failure of the ACP, coupled with the court-mandated shutdown of the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), proves that gas and oil infrastructure is barreling toward obsolescence and the processes for permitting these projects perpetuate grave environmental injustice. As was shown with the ACP and DAPL, MVP and MVP Southgate should not and cannot stand. These projects should be canceled now and Gov. Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring

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FACT CHECK: Have the Benefits of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Been Overstated?


A recent letter to the editor in the Virginian Pilot alleged the “benefits to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are overstated” and that “cons outweigh the pros,” suggesting “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would tie us to another 30 years at least of polluting, dangerous, not necessary and unwanted fossil fuel dependence.”




The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 600-mile underground pipeline that will carry natural gas from West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina, has recently become one of the top targets for environmental activists looking to block the construction of new energy infrastructure as part of their …

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