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FACT CHECK: Will Blocking Pipelines Reduce Demand For Natural Gas?


In a column in the New York Times, journalist Will Harlan claims that blocking pipelines from crossing the Appalachian Trail – an issue before the U.S. Supreme Court – would reduce demand for natural gas, leading instead to major investments in renewable energy:

The potential implications of this case are enormous. If pipelines cannot cross the Appalachian Trail, energy companies will have to reroute or cancel them completely, perhaps opening the door for more large-scale investments in renewables. A ruling for the trail could set off a shift away from natural gas to renewable energy.




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Pipeline Protesters Paralyze Canadian Rail Lines

Pipeline protesters in Canada have shut down much of the nation’s rail system, blocking passenger train service between the country’s biggest cities and preventing food, oil, gas, lumber and other drivers of the Canadian economy from getting delivered.

The protests, which are centered on a $6.6 billion natural gas pipeline in northern British Columbia, entered their 13th day Tuesday, a day after Canadian Prime Minister vowed to find a “quick and peaceful resolution” to the protests.

It may be too late for the quick part. As the CBC notes, protesters began holding up rail traffic east of Toronto on …

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