FACT CHECK: Social Justice Professor Admits Anti-Tampering Laws Are Not About First Amendment

CLAIM: In an article critical of new laws and proposals to crack down on illegal activity associated with protests at pipelines and pipeline construction projects, environmental extremists complain that those measures are “infringing on the rights of political expression and having a chilling effect on freedoms.” That’s especially true for indigenous protesters, according to the Sierra Club.




Proposed federal legislation and laws in states across the country are in no way aimed at First Amendment-protected rights of speech and assembly. Instead, they are aimed at illegal and/or violent crimes that routinely occur at pipelines or pipeline …

FACT CHECK: Missouri Legislation Protects Critical Infrastructure

CLAIM: The Missouri Sierra Club claims that legislation designed to protect critical infrastructure in Missouri – and the construction of those projects – is “clearly an attack on speech and assembly” and is “meant to intimidate actions.”



Senate Bill 293– like other bills in Statehouses across the country – is clear in its language that it is aimed at those who trespass on others’ property without permission and those who “damage, destroy, vandalize, deface, or tamper with equipment in a critical infrastructure facility.”

Quite simply, the proposed law clearly allows for free speech, …

Sierra Club: Largest Hypocrite in Debate of Energy Future

A recent piece by Ken Hemphill in the Delaware County Times is nothing short of hypocritical. Hemphill, an activist with the environmental group, Sierra Club, used his submitted column to attempt to throw shade on a recent, thoughtful OpEd by former Congressman Charlie Melancon.

As a Democrat from an oil and gas producing state, Louisiana, Melancon understands first-hand the countless benefits that reliable, efficient energy production and delivery provide. Energy costs are often times the highest monthly costs for seniors and those less financially well-off, two groups that Democrats historically advocate for.

Groups like the Sierra Club fail to clearly …

FACT CHECK: No, Bayou Bridge Didn’t Violate Permit Conditions

CLAIM: A coalition of environmental groups, including the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and Sierra Club, claimed in a federal lawsuit that the developer of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline has violated the terms of a federal permit issued for the project.



On Jan. 23, a coalition of environmental groups filed a petition asking a federal court to halt construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin. The coalition alleges that the project’s developer has continued to work on the 163-mile pipeline despite a federal permit provision barring construction activity during high-water conditions.

This claim is false given …

CLAIM: Mountain Valley Pipeline Developer Admits Project May Never Be Completed

CLAIM: The Sierra Club claimed in a Dec. 17 press release that EQM Midstream, the lead developer of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, had “raised the possibility that the project would not be completed “at all.””

RATING: Quote Taken Out of Context, 70% False

In a quarterly financial report filed in October with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, EQM Midstream provided investors with an update on the regulatory and judicial challenges affecting the company’s pipeline projects, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

“The regulatory approval process for the construction of new midstream assets is challenging, and recent decisions by regulatory …