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FACT CHECK: Pipeline Bills Aren’t Aimed At Stopping Dissent

CLAIM: Anti-pipeline activist Michele Naar-Obed, who was arrested for attempting to damage a Minnesota pipeline, claims that “Since 2016, about three dozen states across the country have considered bills and executive orders explicitly designed to stop dissent against the fossil fuel industry.”



As we have previously noted, the legislation signed in South Dakota and being considered in other states is not “designed to stop dissent.” Rather, the legislation is designed to discourage activists like Naar-Obed and those who bring a more destructive or violent approach to their protests of critical infrastructure projects.

The bills do …

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FACT CHECK: Missouri Legislation Protects Critical Infrastructure

CLAIM: The Missouri Sierra Club claims that legislation designed to protect critical infrastructure in Missouri – and the construction of those projects – is “clearly an attack on speech and assembly” and is “meant to intimidate actions.”



Senate Bill 293– like other bills in Statehouses across the country – is clear in its language that it is aimed at those who trespass on others’ property without permission and those who “damage, destroy, vandalize, deface, or tamper with equipment in a critical infrastructure facility.”

Quite simply, the proposed law clearly allows for free speech, …

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