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HYPOCRISY WATCH: Misguided Tactics by #ShutDownDC Protesters

Environmental activists are staging a series of highly publicized protests in Washington, D.C. – including one Monday that shut down major intersections in the city, leading to 32 arrests.

With more protests scheduled for the coming days, it’s worth considering the following:


Pipelines: Near Union Station, protestors blocked an intersection with a fake pipeline with “STOP PIPELINES” written on it. As we have noted previously, pipelines are the safest, most efficient and most environmentally conscious method of delivering energy that American consumers rely on.

Opposing pipelines will do nothing to limit the demand for or our

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Saudi Arabia Attacks Highlight Importance of U.S. Energy Production

The alarming news that some of Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities had been attacked over the weekend has generated new instability in oil markets and caused concern for countries across the globe.

These attacks were serious and deserve careful scrutiny and investigation.  They also demonstrate that the market for oil is truly global. This event should be a reminder for policymakers as to the importance of U.S. energy production and the nation’s role as one of the top energy exporters.

Indeed, the United States is now the largest crude oil producer in the world. In fact, the United States is projected …

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