HYPOCRISY WATCH: Drake Buys a Great Big Jet

Drake, the rapper who has been praised in recent years for his “epiphany about climate change,” seems to have lost his way.

The formerly eco-friendly superstar took to Instagram last week to show off his new plane. It’s not a Cessna Citation X. It’s not a Learjet 60. It’s not a Gulfstream G550.

Nope. Drake got himself a 767.

Depending on the model, a 767 has a fuel burn rate of 17 to 21 pounds a minute. NBC reported that a 767 burns about 9,000 gallons of jet fuel on a cross country flight (or about 1,300 gallons per hour while flying), while a more modest Gulfstream G550 burns about 358 gallons per hour.

Read more about Drake’s big new ride here – and an old story wondering if Drake is the “perfect role model for the green movement” here. (He probably isn’t at this point.)