FACT CHECK: Is the Bayou Bridge Pipeline “Delayed Indefinitely?”

UPDATE: Energy Transfer announced on March 26 that the Bayou Bridge Pipeline will begin transporting product on April 1, 2019.

CLAIM: Activists from the L’eau Est La Vie Camp claimed that construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline “has been halted indefinitely” and that “Energy Transfer Partners may have lied to its shareholders when it told investors the Bayou Bridge pipeline will be fully functional this month.”


The claim is false given a series of recent investor calls and legal filings that indicate the pipeline is expected to be placed into service in March.


Energy Transfer said in February that the project would likely be placed into service sometime in March. “[W]e are nearing completion of construction on the 24-inch segment from Lake Charles to St. James, and expect commercial operations to begin in March,” said the company’s CFO Tom Long during a call with investors.

Separately, Energy Transfer stated in a January legal filing that construction in the Atchafalaya Basin was nearly complete, adding that the pipeline was in the ground and backfilling was almost finished. “All across the Basin, work crews are in the process of demobilizing,” said the company.

It seems career activists with the L’eau Est La Vie Camp are simply unwilling to accept, that despite their years-long effort, have been unable to stop the development of this lawfully approved project. Why? Well for one, admitting that they’ve failed means no more fundraising dollars pouring in to pay their bills. Since August 2018, the camp has raised over $100,000, including nearly $10,000 in the just the last two weeks.