FACT CHECK: Are Mountain Valley Pipeline Protesters “Peaceful”?

CLAIM: Media reports out of Virginia claim that extremists protesting the Mountain Valley Pipeline “are peacefully protesting the pipeline,” with one activist saying they are non-violent and respect state police.




Developments quickly overtook the narrative, and that story needed to be updated:

A Giles County man was charged with assaulting a Mountain Valley Pipeline worker during a protest at a construction site Monday. … Jammie Hale, 46, was charged with assaulting a Mountain Valley employee, a misdemeanor. He was later released on a $2,500 bond.

Another was arrested for locking himself to concrete in the pipeline’s path, preventing work for about seven hours.

These latest arrests come after a series of protester antics that seemingly waste the time and resources of local law enforcement, like tree sitting, chaining people to excavatorsstarting fires, and crawling into parts of the pipeline.